Return and All is Well

We enjoyed a few days of vacation in Western New York this week so not a lot was done on the Micro Farm.

Early last week I was able to harvest the popcorn.

The 2012 popcorn harvest.

The popcorn is sitting on a large window screen.  I use screens like this to dry onions and shallots.  The harvested popcorn has been drying for about a week and there is already a significant change in the husks.  I was happy to see how well they are drying as when I checked on them this evening.

I always do a cautious, vacation return-inspection of the Micro Farm. When you have not been on the farm for a few days you never know what you will find.  You have not experienced the weather or other local events with the farm.  So there are always questions about what happened.  I was pleased to see the plants started in September doing well.

Sorry this picture is dark, I took pictures early this evening.
This is the red cabbage planted outside. It is doing well with the sun and the rain.
Sorry this picture is blurry, another evening picture.
There are several nice sized red peppers on the vine.
A few of the cold frame cabbages. They are smaller because the have not been getting the water they outside cabbage has been getting.

Now that I am back from vacation I need to make sure I am getting water to the cold frame cabbage more consistently.  For a second Sunday night in a row there is a Frost Warning.  Tonight the temperatures are much more likely to be a threat.  Fortunately, I do not have much outside to cover.  Looking at this week’s weather forecast there will be several nights where the temperatures will be getting very close to freezing. As the temperatures continue to lower I will have to develop a plan for protecting my exposed plants.

How do you protect your cold sensitive plants?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.




4 thoughts on “Return and All is Well

  1. I know what it is like to come home after holiday.. Seems you look around “Who made it, & Who is a having a problem?” Howe late can you go on the cabbage? We are about done here.

    1. I started the cabbage around the first of September. They will be getting a cold frame cover in the next week or two. So I am hoping they can hold up most of the winter.

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