Be Safe – Be Smart

We had several wonderful weather days last week.  I did get out and rake leaves, and finish a few other minor chores.  I was able to make two quarts of applesauce with my friend Dylan.  It was the first time he canned so it was a learning experience.

Looking at the weather models Sandy will pass fairly close to us.  How strong she will be when she visits Upstate New York?

This was taken today for The current forecast has the storm moving right through our area.

I cleaned out the gutters and moved the outside furniture into the shed.   Today was filled with errands and attempting to repair a neighbor’s generator.  I was not able to get it started.  I’ll try again in the morning, and then take it to a professional if they can work on it before the storm comes through.  I really do not want to leave them with out a power source.

My apologies for the non-farm post.  I will be back next week with plants and food.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


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