Garlic and Cover Crops

Late Fall is still busy here at Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm.  I started the week by planting next year’s crop of garlic.

Planting garlic is fun and easy.  First, select the heads you want to plant.

The garlic heads I selected to plant.

Second, you split the heads open and divide the cloves.

The cloves from one garlic head. Can you see the different sizes?

The third step is to plant.  I plant them a bit wider than my fist.  I plant my rows about ten inches apart.

Each white spot is a planted clove of garlic.

Cloves should be about one to two inches deep.  They should also be covered with a mulch for the Winter.  I planted fifty-five or fifty-six cloves, and once it cools a bit more I will spread a layer of straw on top.

As I write this week’s blog post I am watching Ken Burns’ new film called Dust Bowl. A devastating tale, and definitely worth watching.   Thursday I spent the day learning about cover crops at our local USDA Plant Materials center.  At the lectures we heard about how soils are changing around the country. A very dramatic presentation showed us how different soils preformed under tests.   A main theme at this presentation was no-till farming.  I like the idea of no-till, but there are some questions about how to do it if you are a vegetable farmer, like me.
I am going to be thinking and planning this Winter.   Watching The Dust Bowl is additional motivation to learn more about cover crops.

There is a great deal of research being done on cover crops.  I look forward to seeing what is learned.  Watching The Dust Bowl I know that I do not want to leave my soil exposed again. If you want to read more about cover crops check out this link.

I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


One thought on “Garlic and Cover Crops

  1. You’re the secomnd to mention the Dust Bowl – I musty check it out. Garlic is in the ground here as well…. Have a safe and enjoyable Holiday!

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