This Is Not a Sermon on Vegetanarianism

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  I did, a wonderful time with family.  I was also able to spend time with high school friends I have not seen in a long time.  I was fun to chat and catch up. As with so many of my conversations, food quickly became a topic of conversation.

One friend is a chef.  We talked a great deal about creating good food.  I was really impressed by her love of food and her passion for creating good food.  It was so fun for me.
Rob and I also talked about food.  He wanted to make sure I was not promoting vegetarianism as the best life choice.  I do admit being a vegetarian is probably very healthy, but I not a choice I can make now.  I hope you find this blog a bit of inspiration to grow something for yourself.  If you do not grow your own food I know you will find homegrown food the best tasting.

I returned to the Micro Farm on Friday with about twelve inches of snow.  On Saturday we received another six inches of snow.

The Micro Farm snowed under.

I need to get out there and uncover the cold-frames.  I have been shoveling so much I have not been able to get out there.  Even the cold-frame on the back porch is almost covered up.

The back porch cold-frame. Monday will be warmer and sunny I hope to open it up and inspect the crops.

The cold weather arrived while were traveling for Christmas.  I should have put straw down over my strawberries and garlic.  I hope to pick up a bale if this snow melts to fast.  If this good blanket of snow lasts I think the crops will be ok.

As the New Year arrives I start thinking about goals and plans for the next year.  This week I hope to put my garden plan and goals together.  I hope you plan to grow something this year.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


2 thoughts on “This Is Not a Sermon on Vegetanarianism

  1. Although I am not a true vegetarian my diet consist 99% give or take of veggitables, fruit and breads. I feel good about my foods not only because they are heathy but the flavors are so intense. Much of my food comes from our gardens. I enjoy hearing about your northern gardening . Have a great New Year in 2013.

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