Puzzle Plans

I enjoy listening to NPR on Sunday mornings to play along with Will Shortz, the host, and a listener guest play the puzzle.  This afternoon as I started to plan out the Micro Farm for 2013 I felt like I needed to use Will Shortz as my lifeline.  The problem started to solve itself when I identified all the pieces.  I began just putting in crops just from my memory and quickly realized my memory was not enough.  After creating my list and making a quick couple of notes I was on my way.

If I chose to keep all my crops in the same place I would not have a problem, but I take crop rotation on as a challenge.  On the Micro Farm crop rotation is a personal initiative.  I think the insects will find their way if I move them around.  My soil will get new compost this Spring.  How do I get advantages of crop rotation?  Mostly, I feel it is good practice and if I have a larger plot I will have developed good habits.

Taking a bed out of vegetable production was a challenge for the first time.  I am adding two beds this spring, and will take one existing bed out of vegetable production and plant it with a cover crop.  I feel very positive about these new beds, but just imagining them planted is always a challenge.  I also did not map out my plan for the new beds yet.  I need to measure them to make sure I do not attempt to plant more than they can hold.

My Square Garden plan for 2013.

If you want to compare the 2013 plan to the 2012 plan click here.

The two new beds will be north (or above) of this garden, and I have to be careful the popcorn does not shade the new bed too much.  Popcorn can grow over seven feet tall.

Temperatures where in the high thirties today and the ice melted on the cold frames.  I looked in and everything appeared to be doing well.

In this cold are two types of cabbage and a few carrots.

I enjoyed imagining this next season.  I look forward to working in the soil again. But I hope we have a few more snowy and cold days so I can work inside and not feel like I should be outside. What are you looking forward too?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


2 thoughts on “Puzzle Plans

    1. Thanks. I only see one or tow degrees at night. When the sun hits them they warm up well. Mostly it keeps the snow off everything and keeps the soil from freezing.

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