Inspection and Projects

51 degrees is the current temperature.  The snow that covered the ground last week is gone. I went out today to check on the carrots, parsnips, and garlic in the garden.

Something pulled and nibbled on this carrot

Several carrots were chewed on or pulled, but mostly they were in good shape.  About five garlic cloves were either dug up or pushed themselves out of the ground.  Thinking back I may not have planted them deep enough.  I was happy to see good root growth despite planting them late in the Fall.  I raked up a small amount of straw from the circle garden and used it to cover part of the garlic.  To cover the rest of the garlic I took some extra pine needles from the blueberries.  I hope a little covering will be better than nothing.

I took advantage of the high temperatures and opened the cold frames and inspected the plants.  Everything seemed to be holding on well.

One of the garden cold frames. Cabbage looks good.

After enjoying being, and working, outside I came inside to work on planting project.  We have been really enjoying our homegrown onions.  The onions we are eating now I grew from seed.  This was my first successful onion crop from seed.  Now I have high hopes for my onions.  Onions take a long time to grow, and last year I was concerned because the onions I transplanted were very small.  I decided I needed to start my onion earlier than everything else so they can be bigger and stronger when I transplant them. Today I build a small planting box and planted the last of my onion seed.

The box materials came from a pallets I cut up with my reciprocating saw.

These are the basic materials, 2 x 4’s and 1 x 3’s.

This does not need to be fancy or square so I put everything together mostly well.

To get a square shape I cut the two-by-fours in half and made sure the slats fit across the square.

The 2 x 4’s cut in half

Then I used my corner clamps to hold each corner and screwed in two screws on each corner.

The basic square taking shape.

Then I nailed in the bottom slats and lined the box with plastic.

The plastic lined box.

I like to fill the box with soil before I do the final plastic trim around the box.  I find if I trim before the soil is put in I trim it to low or to high.  Also the soil holds the plastic down and makes trimming, for me, easier.

The box finished with 3 rows of onions planted and room for more.

It was a busy day.  I am always amazed at how fast the spring comes.  So much more work to be down in the spring I am really glad we there is more sun light to get it all done.  I hope you are enjoying this warm spell, it will not last much longer.  Then back to the snow and cold.  How are you taking advantage of this January thaw?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


4 thoughts on “Inspection and Projects

  1. Another good project. Do you have any issues with drainage as the box is lined with plastic? or are you not watering very much?

    1. I chose to limit my watering. It is a shallow box, and only intened for shallow seedlings. I thought the addition of drainage would limit the useability more or I would have to add depth to the box. We will see how well I do…probably I will modify for next year.

  2. I have never tried starting onions from seed! Does the box stay inside? Do you have to light it and warm it (with a heat mat) like you would for any other seed-starting venture? Do you then transplant tiny onions that grow into onions for harvest?

    1. The box will stay inside until the seedlings are strong enough to go outside or the weather is good, whichever comes first. They will have about 16hrs of flourescent light a day. I grow my seedlings in my basement. So they have some warmth, but I do not use a heat mate. I have to many seedlings for the cost of a mate. I do use a portable heater for warm weather plants until they sprout. Yes, they will be transplanted and they will grow into “store”-sized, hopefully. I have had one year of success and one year of failure so I still have a lot to learn. We will see how it goes.

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