Last or First Harvest

Warm temperatures early in the week allowed me to get into the garden.  I chose to harvest the remaining parsnips.  The day was lovely and I remembered how wonderful it is to be working in the garden.

Final parsnip harvest or was it the first?

These lovely parsnips were roasted and turned into a delicious soup. As the week went along the temperatures began to lower.  This week it will be even colder.  I decided not to brave the cold and worked on seed inventory.

The current Micro Farm seed inventory.

I created a list of what seeds I would need for the upcoming growing year.  Comparing what I have in stock and what I need allowed me to determine what I need to buy.

My inventory. The yellow highlighted seeds are what I need to buy.

Creating lists and paperwork are not my favorite things to do.  When I created this list I smiled.  I continued add additional items.  I am really proud of the variety of vegetables I plan to grow this year.  My early gardens were a few vegetables that everyone grows.  Over the past two or three years our tastes have grown and that has allowed me to try growing more varieties. If you want to expand your enjoyment of vegetables start growing some.  I think you will find your tastes will broaden.

How have your tastes broadened since gardening?  What is your favorite vegetable?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.






3 thoughts on “Last or First Harvest

  1. My favorite home-garden vegetable is the beefsteak tomato, which of course has to be grown with its rightful companion, basil! Less than 5 minutes from garden to plate…if you even wait for a plate.

    1. After reading Eliot Coleman’s book. I am working hard to improve my 4 season harvesting. I think I will continue to develop more opportunities to harvest year ’round.

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