A Poetic Micro Farmer

“The finest growth that farmland can produce is a careful farmer.”

Farming: A Hand Book

by Wendell Berry

This farming hand book is what you expect.  Rarely, does Wendell Berry write what I expect.  His farming hand book is a wonderful compilation of poems written by Berry.  He is a farmer in Kentucky but his love of farming is different from what we typically see.

I was convicted by this short thought among other short poems.  Have I produced a more careful farmer?  Well, when I went downstairs to check on my onion seeds, I noticed my parsley looking sad.

Out of sight, out of mind?

These parsley plants came from the garden, and are an experiment to see if I can over-winter them.  Keeping these parsley plants watered properly has been tough for me.  I just keep forgetting to get them water.  I also have not figured out their use of water and regularly am surprised they need water. Regardless, I need to be more careful with these plants.

The temperatures have been fluctuating from low to lower, now this week it looks to warm up significantly.  The sunny, and warmer weather, prompted me to get outside and check on my cold frames.  I was surprised to see some growth from the carrots.

Spring carrots will be welcome on my supper plate!

 I took a good look at the thermometer inside the cold frame.  It was the first time I noticed a significant temperature difference between inside the cold frame and the outside air temperature.

Air temperature: just under 30 degrees

 Inside the cold frame, just after I let out all the warm air.

Inside the cold frame: just under 40 degrees

A bit of sun can make a big difference.  Looking at numbers like this I am motivated to plan more four season harvesting.

A more careful farmer can learn how to harvest more often and not with one big rush.  Everyone hates having ten thousand zucchini, right?

How will you become a more careful farmer or gardener this year?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


One thought on “A Poetic Micro Farmer

  1. After my late season made rush perhaps I shold be a more careful gardener! Thanks for the info on the cold frames! 10 degree temp swing is pretty good!

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