Inside Herbs and Onion Seedlings

Slowly the onions have started to sprout.  I was nervous these three-year old seeds might not sprout.  Fortunately, all the seeds were planted.  So far I have observed fewer sprouts than last year.  However there is still time, and more onions may pop up.

A few of the onion sprouts.

I will be ordering two different types of onions in addition to these onions.  I will adjust the amount I plant of those varieties based on how these onions sprout.  However, for seeds of this old I think the germination rate is respectable.

Last week I showed the parsley over-winter experiment.  On my kitchen counter I have two other indoor experiments going on.

Last February I planted a few rosemary seeds.  Rosemary in my temperature zone (5a) is killed by a frost or extended cold. So I planted last year’s seedlings in small pots, and buried them in a raised  bed.  When fall rolled around I dug up the pots and brought them inside.

An over-wintered rosemary plant.

We do not have a lot of southern window space.  The two rosemary plants are fortunate enough to get wonderful space on the counter to get good daily sun.  So far they appear to be doing well.  I do not think there has been much growth, but they are surviving and will be ready to plant again next spring.

I am also growing a few basil plants.  These I started from seed in late fall.

A few struggling basil plants

The basil has been struggling.  Over Christmas I think they were stunted from the lack of water.  I also think the temperature in the kitchen, while comfortable and consistent, it is not the preferred temperature for the basil.  I think this spring a few warm days on the back porch and it will take off.  It will be nice to have “early” basil.

Do you grow herbs or vegetables inside during the cold months?  It really is a nice way to be the winter blahs.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


3 thoughts on “Inside Herbs and Onion Seedlings

  1. I didn’t this year, but I usually grow herbs under lights or on a sunny window sill over the winter. I miss fresh basil on pizza. Your rosemary looks good! I think I may have lost my 3-year old rosemary potted plant this winter. It usually spends the summer outside and winter inside, but I think it may have been under watered and has begun to dry out. At least the dried parts can be used.

    Last year I was worried about my 2-year old onion seeds. They ended up germinating fine. I guess you don’t know until you try.

  2. I must mark my calendar for a fall potting of basil. In the last few weeks I have been desperate for that singular fragrance and flavor, so much that I bought a teeny basil plant at the grocery store. It is delicate and already bruised from cold/poor sun/not enough water, but I still take in a deep sniff every day!

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