New Year at the Micro Farm

Planting seeds with Dylan is now an annual tradition.  We spent the afternoon organizing seeds, preparing seed trays, and planting seeds.

Dylan watering the seed trays.

At this point Dylan is a professional at preparing the seedlings.  We planted two varieties of peppers, tomatoes, three varieties of onions, celery, and sunflowers.  In the past I have planted sunflowers from seed outside.  As the young plants sprouted the chipmunks of the rabbits would eat them.  This year I will not have that problem, the sunflowers will be big and strong plants before the rabbits and chipmunks have a chance at them.

The sunflowers have sprouted.

I used the second half of the onion box for the three additional onion varieties.  Now I have two yellow varieties and two red varieties.  I accidentally order two similar red onion types.  Now I will be able to compare and contrast the two varieties.   After planting the seeds Dylan and I created a growing area that is closer to the lights with a heater underneath.  With the changes more onions have sprouted.

The onion box with new seeds and new sprouts.

This year’s planting set up allows the seedlings to be heated from below.  The fluorescent lights run for sixteen hours a day on a timer I have set up.  If you are starting from seed and using fluorescent lights your plants will need a minimum of sixteen hours of light.  I will turn the boxes around so the plants grow straight and not curved to the light.

This year’s seed platform.

So far this is my favorite set up.  I particularly like the heater under the plants.  It is also free-standing and not connected to anything.  A couple of years ago I lost most of my plants to a mice eating the plants to the soil.

After getting the seeds into the soil.  I re-purposed a clementine box into a seed organizer.

My new seed organizer.

I have accumulated a lot of seeds.  Now I can put my hands on my seeds quickly, well fairly quickly.

It has been a busy week.  I am excited to have seeds in the soil.  I look forward to warmth of spring and working out in the garden again.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


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