Springing from the Ground

Spring continues to spring around the Micro Farm.  Working outside is welcome after a long winter.  Although, in the evenings I can still feel the effects of my work, and sleep comes quickly.

Last fall I planned a garden bed addition.  All winter the areas have been covered with tarps to kill the grass and anything else growing.  With my friends Dylan we picked up six buckets of rocks to use to edge the new garden beds.  I think more rocks will be needed.  However, I will need to wait until my neighbor plows up their garden.

As I walk around our property several spring flowers are sprouting up.

A lovely set of crocuses enjoying the warm weather.

The rhubarb has just started to poke up.  The crown seems to be doing well.  I hope it comes up strong.  I am looking forward to strawberry-rhubarb pie this summer.

The red, pointy things will be the rhubarb stalks

Last week pruned the raspberry bushes.  This weekend I started to tie them to the trellis.

Red raspberry canes tied to the trellis.

This is not my favorite job.  The canes are spiny.  I wear a leather glove on one hand and with the other hand wrap the twist-tie material around the wire.  I just have to remember which hand to use.

I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the weather.  What projects are you doing?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



One thought on “Springing from the Ground

  1. Love the shot of that crocus! Finally able to get out, a couple beds rebuilt, and the compost all turned. I’m paying for it today!

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