I Feel A Bit Sifted

It was a busy week at the Micro Farm.  I spent two afternoons clearing out the compost bins and sifting compost.  At times it felt like I would never see the bottom of the bins, but it was well worth the time and work.

The first compost bin almost empty.
The new sifter worked well.

After the two days I ended up with two trailers worth of compost. I was able to spread out a good two inches on each planting row.

The circle garden with compost on the planting rows and thinly spread over the cover crops
The square garden with compost laid on the planting row.

I have been composting for four years.  This is the third time I have used the compost on the garden.  This year’s compost production was the biggest yet, and the quality was really good.  My neighbor asked me where I got the topsoil, he was surprised, a little, that it was compost.

I also did a bit of planting this week as well.  I planted some greens and a couple heads of lettuce in one of the cold frames.  I also planted a row of beets and peas.  A quarter of a row of radishes and carrots.

The garlic is all coming up, there are about fifty garlic plants now.  I am excited to see them doing so well after the winter.

The alfalfa cover crop is also starting to come up.  Alfalfa is slow-growing so I was excited to see the tiny seedlings sprouting.

The most recent heirloom tomato starts all came up this past week.  I was nervous they may not germinate well but they have done well.  It looks like I will have more tomato plants and varieties this year than I have ever had before.

Last but not least, my friend Dylan and I transplanted several tomato plants that have out grown their four-packs.  It is exciting to see them doing well.

Now I need to get some sleep.  I hope spring is treating you well.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.





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