Growing Bed Expansion

My family generously puts up with my crazy Micro Farm ideas.  Last fall I planned to create a new set of growing beds.  Last fall I put three tarps over the areas I wanted the new beds.  To make this already ugly sight worse I raked a pile of leaves onto the tarps.

Mom and I in front of the new beds last November. Not very attractive, the tarp that is.

With the compost bins emptied and cleaned out I had a place to put the piles of leaves.  I was then able to start the creating the new beds.  Peeling back the tarp, the grass was  almost gone, and the ground was soft.

Peeling one tarp back. The new growing bed area is easy to identify.

I then measured off the area I wanted to use for the new growing areas.  Then I hoed up the soil.

The first new bed. With the another bed measured out.

Then I worked on a bed over a walking path.

A shorter bed.

There will be about six, five foot beds.  With some raking an additional hoeing the soil loosened up well.  I will not need to use a tiller, and everything should grow well.  I have been thinking about using the compost screener to sift out any large clumps.  It will depend on time.

Through out this next week I will finish the other beds.  After the beds are finished I will put wood chips over the walking areas.

Between blustery days I pitch-forked pine straw on the walking paths of the growing beds.  In the past I have purchased straw at a local nursery.  I think the pine straw will work well, and our pine produces a great deal.  The cost is much cheaper that buying straw.

Pine straw walking paths.

Walking on the pine straw is very pleasant and soft.  I also enjoy the pine smell as I move between the beds.

Today was a wonderful spring day to be in the garden.  It felt good to finally clean up the ugly tarps.  I am confident the new beds will look better than the tarps.

What are you doing to enjoy our sunny, spring days?  Are you adding something new to your garden this year?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



3 thoughts on “Growing Bed Expansion

  1. I was sifting, and hoeing the raised beds. I’ve already added two small (2×5)new beds. It was a beautiful day, I even cleaned out the peony beds.

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