Micro Farm Picture Tour

The expanded Micro Farm

Typically, I do not struggle to write my weekly post, especially after a week were a great deal was accomplished.  However, today the words are struggling to come.

I planted another round of carrots this week.  I am hoping to plant carrots every two weeks from spring to August.  I hope we can have good carrot harvests well into the fall.

I started parsnips, onion sets, shallots, and a few more rows of radishes.

First radish crop coming up.

There was a great deal of weeding, raking, and rock moving.

I will you give a quick picture tour around the Micro Farm.

The herb garden raked and pruned.
The strawberry patch raked out. It needs some weeding.                    The plants are looking strong.
The garlic has been growing very well.
The chives are doing well. This is their first spring in this planter. I am pleased to see how well they are doing.
Looking ahead at temperatures I decided to put the seedlings in the cold frames. They have been doing well for just two days.

I hope you enjoyed the short tour.  I have enjoyed our beautiful weather more than I realized.  I have been thinking about spring this year.  I suggest, for your discussion, that this have been the most “spring-like” spring we have had in many years.  The weather allows the plants to slowly open up and bloom.  There has not been to much rain, sun, or cold.  There also has not been drastic temperature changes, it has been slowly warming up.  I am enjoying this “traditional” spring. I hope you are too.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



2 thoughts on “Micro Farm Picture Tour

  1. Really nice progress! We just finished with the flood that, while took us out of drought, hasn’t helped getting the garden in.

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