Don’t Freeze In Place

I returned after a week of traveling to incredible growth around the Micro Farm.  Doing a quick tour I almost could not believe how everything had grown in just one week.  While that was great for the plants I want, the weeds definitely took advantage of my absence.

A few weeds that I need to pull.

I do not usually discriminate about what plants I put into the compost.  I knew that could create some challenges.  This year it has.  The compost piles did not get hot enough to kill them.  Once the seeds get water and sunlight they begin to grow.  I have two methods of eliminating the weeds, (1) pull them (2) cover open soil with black plastic.  Another method I have read about is the “ten-day rule” if you hoe or cultivate your soil once every ten days the seeds grow but never take root and create more seeds.  I will be using black plastic to cover most of my open soil to eliminate weeds and to help slow soil evaporation.

On my return tour I was really excited to see the rhubarb flourishing.

A healthy rhubarb plant

This poor rhubarb plant has been re-located twice.  Finally in its second home and a mild spring it is doing really well.  I am happy to see it flourishing.

Onion Sets
Onions coming up.

The onion sets I planted have begun to come up.  I was pleasantly surprised to be reminded of a couple of locations I had forgotten I planted onions.

Radishes needing to be thinned.

The few radishes I planted are doing well.  I do need to thin them out a little so when they “bulb out” they do not grow together.

My first crop of peas

I am trying something new with my peas this year.  So far everything is working well.  I hope they continue to grow nice and tall. I would love to have peas climbing the entire trellis.

While the frost-free percentages are good that this area would still have a freeze it has been several years since we have had one. Last year I planted my tomatoes and peppers this weekend.

This year as the frost is coming so I covered the strawberries.

Strawberry flowers

The strawberry plants are as strong as I remember them.  I really do not want to lose them to a frost.

Low tunnel
Strawberries under my home-made low tunnel hoops

I made these hoops last year.  I had planned to use them with some type of fencing to keep the animals away from the berries.  They went into use just a bit earlier than planned.  Hopefully this will keep the frost off the plants.  I had to use scraps of plastic, I do not a large enough clear plastic piece.  I will pull the black off when the temperatures are warm enough, and put it back on late in the afternoon so the sun warms up the black plastic.

I hope you avoid any frosts, and all your seedlings are doing well.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



One thought on “Don’t Freeze In Place

  1. We just got frost last night, I did get out an cover everything with fleece so we should be OK. Your garden is looking good!

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