A Little Surprise…

Frosts last week dominated most conversations.  Fortunately the frosts were light and only lasted a couple of hours.  I did not lose any strawberry blossoms, from what I could see.  Work around the Micro Farm has been shifting from cleaning and preparation to planting.

The final preparation steps are laying soaker hoses, black plastic mulch, and straw mulch.

Two soaker hoses and one row of black plastic.

Straw is then laid on top of the black plastic.  The straw helps hold the plastic down and helps slow evaporation.

Straw covering soaker hoses and black plastic.

Already the soil is dry. Additional help holding on to water is important.

I stopped by our local vocational high school’s annual plant sale.  I purchased five packs of marigolds.  Saturday I planted them along the edges of the beds.  They look really nice.  What do you think?

A few of the new marigolds.

I also transplanted several tomatillos plants and a few beets.

The beet transplants.

I also prepared the cucumber bed.  Currently, there are several green onions still waiting to be harvested.  I will pull them before they get in the way of the cucumbers.

One of the cucumber mounds and the green onions

While investigating the strawberry plants for frost damage I was surprised.

One of the first strawberries.

Now all I need to protect the berries from critters.

I hope you are preparing to put warm weather plants into the ground.  I know the upcoming weekends will be busy for gardeners and micro-farmers alike.  I hope you are able to spend some time in the soil and with your family.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



One thought on “A Little Surprise…

  1. Looking good Spencer, busy planting here – almost done but not quite. Still have the pumpkins to plant and some other things but beds are nearly full. Hopefully the frost is past.

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