Bending but not Breaking

All of us at Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm thank you all of you who have served our country.  Memorial Day always encourages me to reflect on the sacrifices people have made for our country.

After two days of, almost, constant 20 mile per hour wind everything seems to be settling down.  I had really hoped to transplant the tomatoes, peppers, and celery.  The night temperatures have been almost frost levels, but the wind was really the problem.

Leaning Garlic
The picture is not leaning the garlic is. They are all leaning from the constant wind.

After seeing what happened to the garlic I thought it would be best to wait until the wind slows down.  Monday is the warmest day without strong winds.

The wind did not slow down work around the Micro Farm though.  Thursday I rented a “mulcher” to clean up my collection of brush.

Me mulching. All the mulch went to create new walking paths.

My friend Dylan helped me get work done around the Micro Farm.  It was really great having a second pair of hands on Saturday with the wind blowing.

New netting over the strawberry patch.

Last year the chipmunks ate all of my ripe strawberries.  Dylan and I covered the strawberries with netting to protect them from getting eaten.  I will let you know how it works.

We also purchased two bags of mulch for this walk way.
The marigolds are doing well. We also added straw to the walking paths between the growing beds.

In the walking paths I lay newspaper down first and then lay straw over the newspaper.   I held the newspaper down while Dylan would lay the straw down.  I could not have done both steps on Saturday without Dylan.  The wind would have had me running in circles.

Today was a beautiful day on the Micro Farm.  There is something about the sunlight this time of year.  I really enjoy it. I hope you do too.

The 2013 Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm.  Click to enlarge.

I hope you are able to enjoy to the weekend.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



2 thoughts on “Bending but not Breaking

  1. Fickle weather, Hot, then cold, now rain. We’ve avoid the wind you have. I’ve needed to replace several plants. I really like the panorama shot. You have so much space!

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