A Mid-Season Picture Tour

We returned to the Micro-Farm a week ago. Reflecting back over the week it is hard to believe such a short period of time could be so full.  A quick survey around the Micro-Farm I realized I needed to harvest strawberries.  Little did I realize that we would pick six quarts of berries.  I quickly thought about what to do with all the berries.

Strawberries and rhubarb made one delicious pie.

While I was away there was still gardening work to be done.  I was able to help my parents put their garden in.

The picture on the right is the traditional gardening spot. On the right is the new garden. They are growing lots of onions, potatoes, ad squash.

While I was gone I think the weeds were the most successful crop I grew.  Unfortunately, I was not able to get into the garden beds much last week .  I was only able to start weeding today.

Today’s weeding project

A quick picture tour of the Micro-Farm will show you how well things are going.

Peas – starting to plump up
Beets – a new crop for me
Cucumbers – a new variety this year
Potatoes – there are two varieties there. Norland Red, which has slightly darker foliage and Yukon Gold, which has slightly lighter foliage.
The herb garden has grown, a bit, out of control

This week I will try to catch up with the weeds.  Strawberries and peas will be harvested.  The garlic scapes will need to be cut off before the flowers open.  If you allow the garlic to flower it will not turn into garlic bulbs that I want.

I also need to start thinking about what to plant near July 4th for a fall crop.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


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