New Additions

Few things can distract me from the garden.  Construction around the Micro-Farm is one of those things.  We recently had two sheds built at the Micro-Farm.  Mostly to hold personal items we had stored in a rental unit a town away.  Last week was spent traveling back and forth so we did not have pay for another month.

This is named the "Shed".
This is the smaller of the two structures. This is named the “Shed”

This will hold various lawn equipment and other implements of destruction.

Click to Enlarge
This is the larger of the two sheds. We have named this one the “Barn”.

I was able to spend some time in garden beds.  My shallots were a complete bust this year.  So I decided to clean out the weeds and plant two rows of leeks.

Two rows of leeks
Two rows of leeks

This is my first time growing leeks.  I only hope this experience goes better than the shallots.

I also picked up five celery transplants to replace the celery seedlings that were burned.  Fortunately, recent weather has been wetter and cooler so they are able to get a strong foothold

A celery seedling.

Growing popcorn this year has been very interesting.  Most of my plants have similar insect damage as the one in the picture below.  I have also had to do some transplanting.  Several plants were weak and small while in some plantings several strong plants grew.  So I transplanted some of the stronger plants.  Hopefully, they will take root and grow well.

Popcorn with insect damage.

My neighbor also grows popcorn.  He was telling me the birds pulled out half of his young plants to eat the remaining kernel.  I had not heard of this before, but he said the crows are the most likely culprits.

The tomatoes are coming along nicely.  At one point they were all different sizes, but recently they appeared to level out.


Weather is always a conversation around the Micro-farm.  It has been raining at some point everyday for almost a week.  The forecasts indicate that the rain will continue.  Hopefully, there will be enough sun to help all the plants take advantage of the rain.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


2 thoughts on “New Additions

    1. They are about 110 day variety. They will go under cold frames when the ground starts to freeze. But they should be good until they are harvested.

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