Tred Here, Not There

In the original garden the planting beds have not been walked on in over two years. Preventing soil compression is significant to my gardening method.    Last week I harvested the garlic.  I pulled it easily from the loose soil.  Then I  washed off the soil, and now the garlic is drying in my garage.

Garlic drying
Garlic drying

The heads were larger last year.  Regardless, I am pleased with the harvest.  I was late in planting and cutting off the scapes.  All in all a good year.  The garlic is drying on a large window screen to allow air to flow.  When the out layers feel papery, about two weeks, I will cut off the tops and bottoms and store them in our dark cellar.

After my garlic soil I let the growing beds rest for a week.  I was preparing the garlic beds for a second crop.  Accidentally I stepped in one of the growing beds.  I was amazed at how far my foot went into the soil.

The planting bed I accidently stepped in

The soil looks, and feels, in good shape.  I was able to plant bunching onions, kohlrobi, cauliflower, and cabbage today.  I know it is a bit late, but hopefully I can use enough season extension devices to make get everything to harvest.

Currently, I am harvesting cucumbers everyday.  So far from two plants I have over 35 cucumbers with many more to come.

Enough cucumbers to start a batch of pickles

I have tried growing sunflowers three or four years.  Each year a chipmunk eats the tender seedling.  I finally gave up.

Volunteer sunflower

This year in a corner of the garden this lovely sunflower has bloomed. This afternoon while taking a closer look at it I could see several bees floating around. This variety has several blooms.  This lovely surprise is welcome at the Micro-farm.

A view from above - Click to enlarge
A view from above – Click to enlarge

This afternoon I climbed up a ladder to see if I could get a good picture of the Micro-farm.  I was hoping to capture the color and feeling of the Micro-farm.  I think the picture is close.  What does the picture evoke in you?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



2 thoughts on “Tred Here, Not There

  1. Looks really good Spencer. Not walking in the beds is a huge help. What did you decide about the blight issue?

    1. Not walking in the beds is surpisingly helpful. I decided to throw caution to the wind…I went no spray. We will see if the late blight will call my bluff.

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