Late Summer Progress

No shortage of work to be done around the Micro-farm lately.  Most of the work has been cleaning and not related directly to growing food.  After all this non-garden work I am glad to be writing the blog again.

A few popcorn ears

The popcorn has tassled and most of the stalks have two ears on them.  I like the purple color on the tips of the silk.  It looks like another good year for popcorn.

One of three pumpkins
One of three pumpkins

After a couple of years of having to many pumpkins I only planted one or two plants this year.  Looking through the leaves today I saw three pumpkins.  They are good-sized.  I hope the pull through, the weather has been wet and damp lately.  Some of the leaves look like they have downy mildew on them.

Pumpkin leaves with downey mildew on them
Pumpkin leaves with downy mildew on them
The dry beans are mostly dry
The dry beans are mostly dry

As the dry beans continue to turn yellow I will pull out the plants by the roots then dry them on a screen.  After they are dried well, I will beat the plants against the screen to get the beans out.

The green pepper bulbs
The green pepper bulbs

I think this is the most successful year I have had growing peppers.  This year I was more disciplined in my plantings.  I planted fewer plants in each row than I have in the past.  I think I found the right ratio to space and plants.

Living and dying tomato vines
Living and dying tomato vines

A few weeks back I questioned if I should spray my tomatoes for late blight.  Well, many of the vines are dying.  They do not show signs of late blight on the fruit so I am wondering why they are dying.  Over the next day or so I will harvest all the fruit and place it in a cool place.  Those that are green hopefully, will ripen.

Over the past couple of weeks I also have done some planting.  I always plant something late in the season that I know that has little chance to finish before the frost.  A farmer friend offered me some free seedlings.  I planted some cabbage and broccoli.  I chose them because they were the most cold hardy and I thought they might have a chance.

Cabbage and broccoli seedlings.
Cabbage and broccoli seedlings.

The cauliflower, rutabaga, and kohlrobi are off to a poor start.  A few of the cauliflowers are doing well.  The rutabaga and kohlrobi are doing poorly, if they are growing at all.

A young cauliflower
A young cauliflower

I hope you are busy enjoying the bounty of your garden.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



3 thoughts on “Late Summer Progress

  1. Looking good Spencer – how can one have too many pumpkins? I’ve got a bit of the powdery mildew here as well. but production still seems OK.

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