Late Hopes

Today was a wonderful Fall day at the micro-farm.  Eventually the sun poked out through the clouds, and lit up the hills.  I was able to get a bunch of work done around the farm.  Several small projects were finished and I cleaned up a few things I had been neglecting.

One project I had been neglecting was moving the pea trellis.  They should have been moved last year, but time got away from me.

The pea tellis re-installed
The pea trellis re-installed

The pea beds rotate with the cucumber beds.   I like being able to move the cucumber to make it more difficult for the cucumber beetles to find the plants.  Peas help fix nitrogen in the soil, so rotation is beneficial for all plants.

I also moved my low tunnel hoops around.

Low tunnel frame
Low tunnel frame

I have some tender green onions and a couple of plants I can not remember what they are.  I will put a layer or two of plastic over the metal frames.  The creates an unheated greenhouse.  It is an effective way of helping plants survive the initial cold parts of Fall.  Hopefully, these plants can survive long enough to be harvested.

Along the lines of the low tunnels one of my neighbors owns a small greenhouse.  We were talking last week and she offered me some greenhouse space to grow some Fall greens. She mentioned she had successfully grown greens late into Fall before. I had several packets of older greens seeds that needed to be used.  So I filled two window boxes and for smaller containers.  With the lateness of the planting and the age of  the seeds it will be interesting to find out what grows and what does not.

All the stages of the greens
All the stages of the greens

The window boxes were planted a few days ahead of the small pots.  The window boxes were kept in a cold frame until I was able to them into the greenhouse.

The weather forecast is looking much colder weather the next week.  Hopefully, the temperatures stay mostly mild so the plants in the greenhouse and low tunnel do well.  Have you thought about growing food longer into Fall?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



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