Surprise In the Compost Bin

Reviewing last year’s information I planted my three weeks later than this year.  I also planted about 20 fewer cloves this year.  What do these differences mean?  I do not know.  I am glad to have the garlic in the ground and have it checked off my to-do list.  Today was cold, but sunny.  It was nice to be outside and working, even though I had to wear a winter hat.

Garlic cloves seperated
Garlic cloves separated

The first step to growing garlic is separating the gloves.  Then plant each clove about two inches deep and about five inches apart.

I needed to prepare the planting bed.

Over grown marigolds
Over grown marigolds and various other plants

I pulled the frost killed marigolds out.  They were really amazing marigolds, and I enjoyed them this year.  I pulled several failed plants that did not produce as well.  Most of those plants went into the compost bin.

Marigolds destined for the compost bin
Marigolds destined for the compost bin

The finished row looks good.  Later this week I will cover the garlic with two inches pine needles and straw .  The mulch will help keep a more constant temperature and protect the cloves from freeze and thaws.

Finished bed.
Finished bed.

My compost bin often has un-expected vines and plants growing in it.  I often let them grow out of curiosity.  When I was carrying marigold to the compost bins today I found a tomato vine with a one green tomato on it.

The last tomato
The last tomato

I brought it into the house, mostly for the novelty of it.  It is small and it is unlikely to ripen.

What has surprised you recently?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



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