Thankful for Beauty

Another week of cold weather.  Before Thanksgiving we had a small snow storm that mixed with rain and freezing.  We spent part of Wednesday shoveling and clearing ice.  I woke up to a beautiful morning Thanksgiving day.

A gorgeous winter scene.
A gorgeous winter scene.

I cleared a light and fluffy inch of snow off the driveway.  It was great being outside.

I also received my first seed order this past week.

My Seed Savers Exchange seed order
My Seed Savers Exchange seed order

Seed Savers Exchange is an organzation that promotes saving seeds  varieties that are old or unique.  They have excellent resources if you want to participate or learn about seed saving (click here).

One of my winter projects has been growing a box of greens in a greenhouse.  My neighbor and I embarked on this experiment in her greenhouse.  This year the temperatures dipped to low to fast.  Had we started one month earlier I think they would have been successful in the greenhouse.  Now I have them growing on the kitchen table.

Greens on the kitchen table
Greens on the kitchen table

Not ideal for using the kitchen table.  However, they are doing to well to stop now.

Last year the weather was warm late into December. The warm weather encouraged me to get outside and finish up my work.  I was taken surprise by the cold this year.  I came just to fast for me.  Not only did the cold come fast, but it was a deeper cold than I expected.  Fall in the Northeast can be unpredictable.

What has caught you be surprise this year?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



2 thoughts on “Thankful for Beauty

  1. November seemed to be colder than normal for us and just recently one of out local TV weather person confirmed it. Luckily, we haven’t received enough snow yet to need a shovel, but it may happen soon. Your lettuce looks good. I sometimes start mine early under a shop light so I can enjoy some fresh greens over winter.

  2. definitely cold here. already low teens have been recorded but not much snow. But, I am sure it is coming. those greens look nice.

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