Productive Two Weeks

Home repair projects have a way of interrupting life in ways you would never expect.  My project has been slowing life, a bit, but I am coming to the end. Just in time for spring to come around.

I know spring will be here before we all know what happened so I started a few seedlings on Friday.

A “big picture” view of my seedling setup. Don’t forget to give your seedlings 16 hours of light.
A “close up” of what is under the plastic

I am growing several varieties of plants (for example, onions) that require over one hundred growing days.  Even here, on the New York and Pennsylvania border, we typically do not  have that many growing days.  So starting inside is a must.  I start my seedling earlier than most, because the temperature they are growing in is lower, and the cooler temps slows germination and growth.

I put in my second seed order of the year, and it should be here this week.  It has a plant or two that will need to be started right away.  Hopefully I have enough room under the lights.

As I planted seeds this past week, I have been thinking to this same time in 2015.  I am going to try saving different varieties of seeds this year.  I have a lot to learn, but I started by taking a few notes to help me next fall.

My Field Notes notebook, seed saving instructions from Fruition Seeds
My Field Notes notebook, seed saving instructions from Fruition Seeds

I have grown to love a brand of small notebook called Field Notes.  They make a series called “Country Fair” and I chose one of my New York notebooks to start me seed saving notes.  I am growing to varieties of plants from seeds I purchased from Fruition Seeds.  They are a local seed company, and they encourage seed saving.  They include seed saving instructions and tips in each packet of seed.  If you are interested in getting started check them out at Fruition Seeds.

I have some heirloom seeds from other sources that I needed to take notes about. I used Susan Ashworth’s book Seed to Seed, that I was able to get from inter-library loan.  It is a wealth of information.  There are other great book available just check out your local library.

I am feeling productive as I reflect on the past two weeks.  While spring has tempted us this past weekend.  Winter is not leaving with out a fight.  We have some more cold temperatures coming this week.  Fortunately, the seedlings will not know the difference.  I will feel encouraged by getting my hands in soil again.  Maybe, just maybe, I can finish that home repair project too.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



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