A Season of Hope

I took full advantage of the weather today.  I started to finish the work I started last fall.  I clipped, trimmed, and pulled lots of dried and dead plants.  The Micro Farm is starting to look like it should.

Clean up was partially motivated by seeing the seedlings starting to pop up out of the soil

Tomato and onion seedlings
Tomato and onion seedlings
Onion seedlings
Onion seedlings

Seeing the seedlings has brought excitement to the new growing season.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the clean up I would have to do.  After a few hours of clean up today, I know (with a little good weather) I can get everything done quicker than I then I thought.

After clean up I had energy and decided to keep going.  I started a few more seedlings.  My order of Yankee Bell pepper seeds arrived late last week so I planted those.  I also ordered container strawberry seeds.  I started those.

In the next couple of weeks they will sprout and we will see how many plants I have.

Peppers and strawberries under a plastic blanket
Peppers and strawberries under a plastic blanket

I always start a new journey with such excitement and with dreams of all that could be.  I know there will be difficult times ahead.  I know there will be days when I do not want to go out and do the work I should do.

I hope you are excited about this growing season.  What are you excited about?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


4 thoughts on “A Season of Hope

  1. Do you have your seedlings outside or do you start them inside? Isn’t it too cold outside? I just bought some seeds. I guess it isn’t too early to start them, eh?

    1. Yes they are inside. I have them under lights and have a heater to keep the warm. When you start the seeds depends on the plants. Onions need to be started sooner than tomatoes. I like to have really big seedlings to put into the ground because I can’t put plants out until Memorial Day, typically. You can start now and put them in about two to three weeks earlier. Look on you seed packet and use May 15th as the day you can plant. It will tell you how many weeks before last frost you should start them. It is rarely too late. I am much earlier than most.

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