Forward to 2015

Happy New Year. I hope your holidays were fun and safe.  Planning for the 2015 planting has begun.  I have begun to plan my growing beds for the next year.  There are always edits that need to be made, but for now I have a start.

Click to Enlarge the Square Garden Plan
Click to Enlarge the Square Garden Plan

I practice rotating my crops and attempt to not put the same family of plants in the same row two years in a row.  There are some challenges with space so that goal is not always achievable.  In the square garden you will also notice several rows of buckwheat.  Each year I take section of the growing beds “offline” and plant a cover crop.  This year the cover crop will be buckwheat.  It does not over winter and is easy to pull.  I am planting buckwheat for the first time and I look forward to learning how it works at the Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm.

The circle garden will be fully open this year, after  two years of being planted with a cover crop. Having the entire circle is exciting because it is one of the easier places to plant popcorn, one of my favorite.

Click to Enlarge the Circle Garden
Click to Enlarge the Circle Garden

Now that a general plan has been put into place the next step is plant variety selection.  First, priority is using seed I currently have in my collection.  Then I will look for varieties I do not currently have but plan to grow.

Just a sample of the seed catalogs I have received.
Just a sample of the seed catalogs I have received.

I have been receiving seed catalogs since before Christmas.  Some go quickly in to the recycling bin.  Others I spend time to read.  Still, others I keep for the year for their growing information.  Everyone has their favorites.  I have mine, but my favorites are the ones that include lots of growing information.

Several years I have tried to improve my succession growing (planting at different dates to have produce throughout the growing season).  It has been a struggle.  I have begun working with two spreadsheets created by Johnny’s Selected Seeds to help me be more specific about the dates I need to be planting.  I am hoping this will be the next step to improving my succession growing plans.  I guess I did have a New Year’s resolution after all.  I hope your gardening resolutions all come to be.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


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