Garlic Madness

How does growing garlic get out of hand?

My garlic and onion patch

Most of this patch is German Extra Hardy, a common variety that stores well and is delicious.  Last year, I saved more than I need. If you would like some they will be for sale in the next month.

The other four varieties are Broadleaf Czech, Chesnok Red, Pink Music, and Hanging Dog.  I am growing Chesnok Red, Pink Music, and Hanging Dog for the first time.  It is always exciting to see how the plants look in the spring.  I had not seen them before this spring.  They are all heirloom varieties.  In a few years I will have enough of a harvest to supply my growing and eating needs.  I am most excited to dig up and eat Hanging Dog, from what I understand it is an elephant style variety.  So I am looking forward to seeing what a full head looks like.

Hanging Dog garlic

The garlic flowers are also developing.  The scape is the flower of the garlic plant.  I cut them so the plants put more energy into the bulbs.  There are some who disagree with this process, but it works for me.

The spring weather has been beneficial for the raspberries and other early fruits.

Spring Raspberries

The yellow raspberries are coming along nicely too. It is nice to go outside early mornings and pick fresh raspberries.

Fresh lettuce this time of year is great too.  Tennis Ball lettuce is a very nice head lettuce.

Tennis Ball lettuce

The Monticello gardens grow tennis ball lettuce.  Apparently, President Thomas Jefferson liked how easy and low maintainence this lettuce is.  It is also tastey.

This looks like a busy week, with lots of projects to get down.  Fortunately, we are eating well.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


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