The “micro farm” is located near the slow, meandering, and small Cohocton River in Steuben County, NY.  I have been using “river rock” as part of the landscaping around my garden.

The primary focus is growing food and I associate food with farms not as often with gardens.  I thought “mini farm” might create the impression my garden is bigger than it is.  So in the interest of full disclosure I decided upon “micro farm.”

So with everything put together the name became Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm.

In several garden beds  I grow fruit, vegetables, and flowers. The flowers in my garden are not only for beauty but to help with pest control. My goal is to use organic gardening practices throughout the entire micro farm.  My organic philosophy is to use compost, manure, and un-processed products for soil amendment.  I also do not use synthetic or other products for pesticides or herbicides. These are my goals, I have not achieved everything yet.

We are located in USDA Hardiness Zone 5b with an average last frost date between May 20 to June 1, and an average first frost date between September 15 and October 1.

I hope you enjoy what you find on my blog. I welcome your comments, suggestions, and stories.


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