Garden Pictures

The photos are of the 2010 garden.
I apologize they are not in chronological order.
These pictures are a good representation of type of gardening I do.
The photo above shows the 2010 circle garden.  Next to it is the 2010 12′ by 12′ (approx) square, traditional, garden.  In 2011 I moved both gardens because they were originally over our property line.

5 thoughts on “Garden Pictures

  1. Wow! What an incredible piece of land you have! Your gardens are just gorgeous and so inspiring. It’s wonderful to look at all those green, healthy plants right now – something to look forward to once things begin to warm up. 🙂

    Looks like you must have had a pretty good harvest last year. What kind of mulch is that around your tomatoes and lettuces? Is it straw? Pine needles?

    I love the 2-pronged ear of corn!

    Great blog! I’m looking forward to keeping up with it and following your garden this season!

    1. Thanks Aimee. I use newspaper and straw between my rows. The newspapers helps retain moisture and reduces weeds. I use the straw over newspaper because the newspaper gets shredded, but more importantly, straw looks better than newspaper.

  2. Your place looks very serene. I guess that guy in the photo is the famous Spencanoe from the MurrayOwnersWorld forum? Enjoyed your site. Take care during the coming winter! (Golden Hurricane) Karl

    1. Hi Karl, nice to meet the Golden Hurricane.. Thanks for checking out my site. Yup its me. I enjoy living here, but what you can’t see is the four lane highway in the back there. So its nice, maybe not as serene as it looks. Enjoy your Winter too!

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